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It’s Going to be a Long Summer. Better Stock Some Wine.

Posted July 10, 2012 in Health

They’re calling for some weather. Yup. Depending on where you are, there’s either going to be a heatwave, a massive storm, a wildfire, a tornado, a hurricane, or some combination of them all. Grab your corkscrew, it’s going to be a long summer.

So what are you going to drink? We think a good choice would be…wait for it…wait for it…


Shocking, isn’t it? Really, though, is there ever not a good time to indulge in some wine? Aside from right before traffic court? You can pair wine with just about any food, except maybe cereal, and it is great with any occasion. Sitting on the beach? Have a glass of wine. Backyard BBQ? Have some wine. Hard day sitting on the river with a fishing pole? Bottoms up.

Sometimes, your choice of wine should reflect your environment.

If you’re in the breadbasket of America and the lightening is going off, you might enjoy a glass of Prairie Thunder Red from Ten Spoon Vineyard. It’s organic, which is cool, and they donate to wildlife preservation, which makes us feel good about drinking it. They’re up in Montana, and the Red tastes like strawberry, cherry, chocolate, and coffee. These are a few of our favorite things. Their mailing address is on Rattlesnake Drive, so they get bonus points for being rugged.

Dodging retirees in South Florida? You can do no better than Hurricane Class 5. A light and refreshing sangria, and the empty bottle makes a handy candelabra during extended losses of power.

Is it getting dark and windy? Did you just see a creepy old woman pedal her bicycle through the air with a Scottish Terrier in the basket? You may be ready for a glass of wine from Superior States Winery in Nebraska. We like the sound of the Raspberry Twister. Natural Grape and raspberry flavors. They encourage you to twist the bottle instead of the corkscrew. You know: in keeping with the Tornado theme. It is, after all, from their Tornado Alley line. And you’re not in Kansas.

Nothing says summer like walking barefoot through a field of dandelions. Drove dad crazy and keeps Scott’s in business, but a perfect symbol of summer. Visit Maple River Winery in North Dakota and try some of their Dandelion Wine. They say that it tastes like a cross between chardonnay and corn on the cob. If that don’t say summer, we don’t know what does.

Not sure how we feel about another one of their labels, Apple Jalapeno Pepper Wine. Like mayonnaise and peanut butter, we feel that some flavors should not be paired.

Did you actually catch any fish when you were out or did you just wave your rod around? A perfect pairing with the fish that you bought on the way home would be from Cherry Creek Wine in Michigan: Summer Breeze. Takes some cues from traditional sweet German wines, and very nice with a hunk of catfish.

Guaranteed to encourage errant walking and the singing of Jimmy Buffet songs, Flip Flop Sauvignon Blanc is a delightful blend of grapefruit and key lime flavors. Go ahead, toss in an ice cube or two and break out your Hawaiian shirt. Fire up the grill and make some fish tacos. We won’t judge. Another “feel good about yourself” label, they donate a portion of their sales to a charity that provides footwear for needy folks.

Lastly, drink anything red. Red wines contain high levels of these crazy things called “flavonoids.” In addition to being tasty in a nice stem goblet, they block the chemical changes in your body that cause sunburn from UV rays. When you get busted for drinking on the beach you can claim that it’s for medicinal purposes.

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