License Some Wine

Are you a fan of Wine is Life?  Do you need to fund your Wine is Life habit?  Are you just running low on wine?

You can become a Wine is Life Partner!

You can join our online affiliate program.  We provide great payouts, special offers, and a full range of site banners that can drive your website traffic, grow your sales, and generate a little revenue for you.  Best of all, you can become an affiliate of all of the Wine is Life Family.  That’s right:  WIL, Life is Crap, Life is Poop…the whole kit and kaboodle.  Apply to become a Wine is Life affiliate at

Still want more?  With Wine is Life, the Life is Crap brand has been a huge success, with almost $25 million in retail sales.  In addition to apparel and head gear, we’re spreading our wings to a variety of other licensed products.  Now we’re looking for some strategic partners to Spread the Wine.

We’d love to tell you more about our crappy brands and how it touches a nerve with today’s consumer.  As Simon will tell you, driving a Gremlin today sucks, and things aren’t great out there for many of us either.  That’s why our brands have resonated with our customers.  They engage people.  Our fans get it.  Crap happens, laughter helps, and things look rosier with Wine.

Our brand is good medicine for soft sales.  There’s something for everyone, from an angry aunt to the newest nephew.  It’ll make them smile.

If you want to learn more about our brands and inquire about licensing some crappy products, drop us a line and email us any questions that you may have.

Don’t ask about Simon.  He stays with us.

YES: I am interested in learning more about licensing Wine is Life, Life is Crap, or Life is Poop and Life is Ruff.


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