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Save the Earth: Drink More Wine

Posted July 18, 2012 in Storage

Why recycle when you can reuse?

If you’re like us, you’re trying like heck to be Earth-friendly.  Grapes grow in dirt, require a bit of fresh water, and ask for a suitable climate to grow big and strong.  If we screw up our big, blue marble, the grapes will get angry and we will have no more wine.  That would be a tragic loss, so we try to do our part.

Our first step is to show the little grapes how much we love them by singing the praises of wine.  Then we drink some wine.  Then we drink some more.  We’re trying to set a good example, so we carefully deposit our empty wine bottles in a clearly marked recycling bin.  When the bin overflows, we gather some empty grocery bags and wine boxes to recycle some more.

Getting this mess to the curb on the designated day is another story.

So we thought that we’d share some ideas for ways that you can get all crafty-like with your wine-drinking-detritus.

As you may or may not know, wine was invented several thousand years ago.  If you follow Simon’s example and throw your empties out into the yard, your wine bottle will last around 4,000 years.  Yup.  That’s how long it takes for a wine bottle to break down naturally.  Seems that this would make a wine bottle a natural fit for a gardening project!  Drive your bottles into the ground neck-first to make an attractive and colorful border around your garden.  There won’t be any need to replace them any time soon, they’re durable, and they’ll give your little wilted plants some peer pressure.  Besides – bricks are so 2011.Garden Border

So maybe your garden is indoors.  And let’s say that you’re taking a little trip to, oh, the South of France.  While you’re sipping wine, your plants will get thirsty.  Fill some empties with water, stuff a rag in the neck, and plant those puppies!  The water will slowly leach out over the course of your trip and your plants won’t die of thirst!  If you fill the bottles without rinsing them first, we guarantee some happy plants upon your return.

It is said that certain types of wine can help you tan, certain types promote heart health, and some may keep away insects.  We’ve experimented with many different types of wine and, quite frankly, see a certain benefit to them all.  That being said, why not kick that ugly pail to the curb and make your own tiki torch?  We found this cool website that can show you how, and most of the items are readily available at your local hardware store.  Like the garden border, they’ll last longer than those little throw-aways, and if you’re reading this we’re going to assume that you already have the bottles.

Wine Tiki

If you have a suitable stash of bottles, there have got to be some corks lying around somewhere.  Wine often makes us forgetful, and we’re betting that it makes you foggy toooo…

Sorry – squirrel.

One of our favorite projects is the wine cork memo board.  You can pick up a cheap board anywhere, and it’s fun to get interesting with the design.  Some favor a Frank Lloyd Wright linear feel, while others go with the more traditional herringbone.  If you want to get clever you can cut them in half and mount them that way.  If you drink enough you can build furniture.  Just saying.Cork Memo Art


We discovered during our younger years that you can construct furniture out of almost anything.  A packing crate became a coffee table, outdoor furniture made a living room suite, and milk crates doubled as drawers.  You can do the same with your empty wine bottles!  Some cheap lumber and a keyhole saw is all that you need to create a clever and attractive set of bookshelvesShelves

We still advocate recycling.  But much like a good wine is a terrible thing to waste, we think that a little creativity can put your pile of dead soldiers to some pretty good use!

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